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The Definitive Guide To All Things Haunted And Creepy In Oklahoma

Oklahoma is a gorgeous state with more than its fair share of haunted places like haunted houses, haunted mansions, haunted house attractions (not to be confused with the legitimately haunted places), and so much more. It’s a state with a long, dark history steeped in tragedy, mystery and mayhem, and there’s no shortage of things lurking around every corner waiting to frighten you. We’ve compiled a handy guide to all things creepy in Oklahoma, like our favorite creepy facts, breathtakingly creepy photos, and the spookiest ghost stories the Sooner state has to offer; here are our picks for the most haunted places in Oklahoma.

5 Creepy Facts About Oklahoma:

1. Picher, Oklahoma, is the single most toxic town in the United States – literally – and it was labeled by the Environmental Protection Agency as such. Once upon a time, it was an active mining area, but in 1967, mining operations ceased. All of the toxic waste left behind by the mines and the byproducts of the mines was allowed to rot. It was no small amount of toxins, either – refuse from tens of thousands of unflushed mines, as well as mill sand and sludge (all with ridiculous amounts of lead in them) permeated every inch of the soil of Picher, and the town was deemed so hazardous to human life that the residents were advised to leave. Many did, and then, in 2008, a massive EF4 tornado ripped through the remains of town. That was when the rest of the residents (minus one) left, and the final resident to remain died in 2015. Picher is officially an abandoned, dangerous, and literally poisonous place. Do you think you would have stayed?

2. The entire town of Guthrie, Oklahoma, is super haunted – every bit of it. It’s often called the single most haunted town in all of Oklahoma. Do you think you could have braved a visit to the Blue Belle Saloon in its heyday?

3. In Beaver, Oklahoma, there is a bizarre place that Native American folks avoided for centuries. It’s called Shaman’s Portal, and for good reason. People who used to go there just disappeared, as if through a mysterious portal to another dimension. Nowadays, though, people who try to visit the strange area are told to leave by men with U.S. Government identification. What do you think is going on at Shaman’s Portal?

4. Oklahoma is home to at least seven “crybaby” bridges, which is a term for creepy, probably-haunted bridges where the sounds of murdered infants (who have been killed at those bridges, of course) is often heard after dark. We really hope that children weren’t murdered at all of these bridges. Have you ever heard the sounds of despair at any of Oklahoma’s fabled crybaby bridges?

5. In 1994, a Tulsa woman was arrested when it was found that she was keeping two women half-starved in her basement, stealing the checks they were receiving and living in the lap of luxury in the house as they suffered below. She was said to have beaten them into submission with threats of cult sacrifices and other horrors. Today, there’s a haunted house attraction in Oklahoma based on the case. Could you handle visiting any of these terrifying Oklahoma haunted spots?