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The Definitive Guide To All Things Haunted And Creepy In Alabama

You may have heard tales of ghostly encounters around Alabama. Some are steeped in folklore while others may very well have some creepy facts to back up the sightings. As a state that was central to the Civil War, it may not be surprising that there’s so much haunted history to be found here.

If you are a seeker of all things paranormal, the options are almost endless throughout the Heart of Dixie. A stay in a haunted hotel, a hike along a haunted trail, or a visit to a historic haunted mansion are all great options for a potentially creepy adventure. Come the fall, when it gets closer to Halloween, frightening attractions like haunted houses and haunted corn mazes seem to pop up everywhere. Read on to discover some of the most terrifying haunted places in Alabama.




5 Creepy Facts About Alabama

  1. Established in 1822, Maple Hill Cemetery is Huntsville’s oldest cemetery and has over 80,000 people buried in it, including two hundred or so confederate soldiers from Civil War times. But these aren’t the most interesting aspects of this cemetery. On the grounds near a group of trees, you will find a playground that’s been dubbed the Dead Children’s Playground that is said to be haunted by children buried in the cemetery. Whether or not it is haunted, it is quite unusual for there to be a kid-friendly attraction at a cemetery.
  2. Along County Road 55 in Sardis sits the Adams Grove Presbyterian Church in all its Greek Revival-style architectural glory. It was built in 1853 and held its last service in 1974. It’s one of just a handful of pre-Civil War churches left standing. On its grounds is a cemetery that is believed to be one of Alabama’s most haunted places. Paranormal activity has been witnessed in both the church and the cemetery.
  3. If you take a tour of the U.S. Navy ship, the USS Alabama, you may be lucky (or unlucky) enough to see the ghosts of the men who perished on board. Eight men had lost their lives during friendly fire in the 1940s and it seems like their spirits never left.
  4. Gaines Ridge Dinner Club has been a restaurant since 1985 and occupies an antebellum home built in Camden in the 1820s. While enjoying your meal, you may experience some paranormal activity. People have heard a baby crying when there was no baby around and a woman screaming. Some have even smelled pipe smoke when no one was smoking, at least no one alive at the restaurant. Would you like to dine with the spirits of the dead?
  5. Not all creepy things have to be haunted. What started out as a taxidermy shop in the 1970s has grown and transformed into a museum over the years. The Museum of Wonder in Seale displays some interesting, albeit bizarre and creepy, items that you will just have to see for yourself.