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The Definitive Guide To All Things Haunted And Creepy In Washington

Washington might not have the paranormal reputation that some of our other cities and states do, but rest assured, this state is not without its haunted places. From our haunted hotels to haunted houses and some seasonal scares like a good old-fashioned haunted corn maze, you’ll find all sorts of ways to spook yourself in the Evergreen State.

A place doesn’t have to be haunted to be creepy. If you were born and raised in Washington, you’ve probably encountered some spooky roads you feel strange driving at night or some abandoned buildings that seem a little sinister. Is it your imagination, or is there more to it? We can’t be sure. We’ve rounded up a list of some of our state’s top haunted places and scary spots for those interested in learning more about Washington’s haunting history.



5 Creepy Facts About Washington

  1. Washington has been the home of some of the nation’s most prominent serial killers. Ted Bundy, Green River killer Gary Ridgway, and Robert Lee Yates all lived in Washington… although, to our credit, not all of them were born in the Evergreen State.
  2. Our state has also had quite a few UFO sightings… more than any other state. In fact, there were 194 reported UFO sightings in 2019 alone! Mount Rainier is thought to be the biggest UFO hot spot in the area.
  3. Seattle’s own Lake Washington allegedly has a lake monster – or monster fish depending on who you ask. Either way, there have been enough sightings of these lake creatures that we’d think twice before going for a swim in that particular lake.
  4. Prosser is home to Washington’s Gravity Hill, a natural phenomenon that defies logical explanation. At the base of a small incline on this road, if you shift your car into neutral you will inexplicably start to roll uphill. But here’s the truly creepy part: some people who have attempted this have looked at their cars afterward and seen tiny, children-sized handprints on them as if a small group of children helped push the vehicles uphill.
  5. We have, by far, the most Bigfoot sightings of anywhere else in the country. Whether or not you believe in Sasquatch, if the creature exists, Washington is its favorite roaming ground.



Washington certainly has plenty of spooky stories and chilling spots. If you’ve ever wanted to do some ghost hunting, now you know where to start.