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The Definitive Guide To All Things Haunted And Creepy In Kansas

Kansas is a beautiful state that’s rife with hauntings, eerie happenings, strange anomalies, and all kinds of bizarre and creepy tidbits of history. From real-life haunted houses, haunted woods, and otherwise haunted places, to creepy man-made haunts like some of the best haunted trails, haunted hayrides, and haunted corn mazes in the entire country, Kansas is definitely up there in terms of “most haunted.” Join us as we explore some of the spookiest things Kansas has to offer, including what might just be the scariest haunted house in the United States!

5 Creepy Facts About Kansas

  1. Kansas is home to the first-ever EF5 tornado after the original F-Scale was enhanced in 2007. That very same year on May 4th, the town of Greensburg was wiped 95% off the map by an eerie, terrifying nighttime monster tornado, leaving 11 dead and 63 injured. The fact that this beast of a storm was only visible in brief flashes thanks to lightning made it extra-terrifying, as it was a literal monster creeping into town under the cover of pitch-black darkness. Do you remember this incredible tornado?
  2. Dennis Rader, known to the world as the BTK Killer, was an American serial killer who operated in Kansas from 1974 to 1991. He is easily one of the scariest human beings who’s ever existed, though his murder count is relatively low at “just” 10 victims. During part of the time in which Wichita was gripped with utter terror in light of the absolutely brutal murders carried out by BTK, Rader worked as an installer for a home security system company and often installed systems in homes where the residents were specifically afraid of BTK. He selected at least one victim because he serviced her home. Who else in Kansas deserves the title of “most evil”?
  3. Flowerpot Mountain sounds nice and sweet but it’s got a super creepy backstory. A pioneer woman kept a diary during the days in which she and her family settled here up until she and the rest of the settlers were slaughtered. Her diary was found buried beside a gnarly, dead tree, and strangely, everything around the burial site was (and still is) dead. Plants do not survive in this spot. Nobody is quite sure why; have you heard of the dead-wood diary? 
  4. On June 20th, 2019, hundreds of phone calls poured into emergency services and media stations in and around Kansas City reporting strange, round white orbs in the sky. Further fear ensued when the National Weather Service issued a statement on Twitter stating that they had absolutely no explanation for the mysterious orbs in the sky. The sightings prompted an emergency town hall meeting to comfort and inform freaked-out residents.
  5. Ellinworth, Kansas, has an entire abandoned town underground. It lies beneath the Historic Wolf Hotel and used to contain things like a brothel, a barber, speakeasies, and other necessities of the time. Would you visit this long-forgotten, derelict underground ghost town?