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The Definitive Guide To All Things Haunted And Creepy In Texas

Texas is no stranger to the creepy and unexplained. From haunted houses to urban legends, we’ve got a little bit of everything that goes bump in the night. Big cities and small towns alike are brimming with ghost stories, creepy facts, and haunted places; no corner of the state is immune. Whether you want to spend the night in a haunted hotel or simply hear some spooky tall tales, the Lone Star State is a hub for all things weird, horrifying, and paranormal. Are you brave enough to explore the most haunted places in Texas? Here are some of the scariest places to visit, including the creepy lore behind them.


5 Creepy Facts About Texas

1. Several of the nation’s most notorious serial killings and mass murders happened, at least partially, in Texas. Among the offenders are Henry Lee Lucas, Charles Joseph Whitman, and Carl “Coral” Eugene Watts.

2. A 25-mile stretch of land off of I-45 is known as the “Texas Killing Fields” due to the number of bodies found there over the decades. It is believed that several different people are responsible for the murders, but only one conviction has ever been made. Who knows how many psychopaths could be walking around with blood on their hands?

3. If you love all things weird and macabre, pay a visit to the National Museum of Funeral History in Houston. This creepy place features 14 permanent exhibits, in addition to limited edition displays shown on a rotating basis. From the ins-and-outs of the embalming process to the evolution of funeral attire, you’ll learn more about death than you ever wanted to know.

4. Texas has its very own version of Area 51. Aurora Cemetery is among the oldest burial grounds in the state, dating to 1861. The small-town graveyard was launched into the national spotlight about 30 years later, when the Dallas Morning Post published an article about an alleged UFO crash on the grounds. Supposedly, an extraterrestrial being was laid to rest in the cemetery, along with wreckage from the accident. Are you brave enough to go exploring?

5. Portions of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie were filmed at a gas station in Bastrop. The once dilapidated building is now a BBQ restaurant and motel where starving, weary travelers can pull off and spend the night. What kind of meat are they cooking, anyway? Make sure to sleep with one eye open, or you just may find out.