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The Definitive Guide To All Things Haunted And Creepy In Georgia

Georgia is hands-down one of the best states to explore haunted houses, haunted places, and all things paranormally possible. With such a rich history, it’s no wonder people will travel to Georgia from across the globe for some spooky sights. Not only is Georgia rife with haunted hotels and creepy facts, but Savannah, Georgia continuously ranks as one of the most haunted places in the country. But it isn’t just haunted mansions and creepy photos that make Georgia scary. It’s also those unsolved mysteries, seasonal spectacles, and urban legends that people keep whispering about around a campfire. From haunted trails and haunted hayrides to haunted corn mazes and the scariest haunted houses around, Georgia keeps a grand tradition of all things spooky, celebrating haunted hotels and haunted museums alike. Whether you’re looking to partake in a little paranormal phenomenon or you simply just like reading about it from a distance, here are some of the most terrifying destinations in Georgia.

5 Creepy Facts About Georgia

1. There is a supposedly haunted pillar in Augusta, Georgia that is said to kill anyone who lays a hand on it thanks to an old curse from many years ago.

2. Statesboro, Georgia houses the biggest collection of ticks in the world.

3. There is an urban legend that if you visit the statue at the Corrine Elliot Memorial Grave in Savannah and look it in the eye, she’ll turn you to stone.

4. The Georgia Guidestones were erected mysteriously in an empty field and contain ten rules for the “Age of Reason” in eight different languages.

5. In the Monastery District of Dublin, Georgia, there is an alleged portal to a parallel universe known as Kcymaerxthaere. The portal has a placard that has been placed for guests to locate it.