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The Definitive Guide To All Things Haunted And Creepy In Illinois

Strange and paranormal activity can happen just about anywhere and Illinois is no exception. With ruins of an ancient civilization and places that have earned nicknames like “Death Alley” and “Murder Castle,” it’s no wonder why Illinois is considered one of the most haunted states in the country.  A wide array of bonafide haunted houses, haunted trails, and other haunted places may be found throughout the Land of Lincoln, giving those who want a paranormal experience endless opportunities to have one. Maybe you’ll hear disembodied voices or see furniture move when you visit a haunted mansion or have the covers pulled off your bed when you stay at a haunted hotel. Whatever you seek out from the spirit world may shake you to the core.

In the fall, plenty of makeshift attractions like haunted corn mazes, haunted houses, and haunted hayrides can be visited throughout the state. Although these attractions are meant for amusement, they can still give visitors quite a fright. Read along on this terrifying journey to find all that is haunted and creepy in Illinois.

5 Creepy Facts About Illinois

  1. A serial killer known as H.H. Holmes had a macabre fascination with death since childhood and even stole cadavers when he was a college student. During the time of the 1893 Chicago World Fair that attracted millions of visitors, Holmes opened up a hotel that had numerous ways to trap victims inside and dispose of bodies. No one was safe from this sickening murderer, including children. Eventually, his crimes caught up with him and he was arrested and hung in 1896. The hotel Holmes built became known as The Murder Castle and it was demolished in 1938.
  2. A horrific incident took place over 100 years ago in the theatre district of downtown Chicago. The Iroquois Theatre, hastily built the previous year, experienced a fire sparked by a stage light during a performance. Patrons tried to rush out when they saw the raging fire only to encounter locked doors and found themselves lost in the theatre, or they jumped out of windows on the upper level. All-in-all, over 600 people perished in the fire and a pile of bodies was stacked six feet high in the alley behind the theatre, which has since become known as The Alley of Death.
  3. Spanning an area of 2,000 acres, Cahokia Mounds was home to a sophisticated civilization of 20,000 people during the 13th century. It was later abandoned. However, some spirits never left.
  4. Once a town bustling with people, Shawneetown was located along the banks of the Ohio River and was eventually abandoned due to repeated massive flooding. Although there are a few residents today, it’s essentially a creepy ghost town with barely any signs of life.
  5. Rural Manteno State Hospital was a psychiatric hospital that opened in 1930. Lobotomies, shock treatments, experimental surgeries, and other torturous therapies were performed on patients here. Eventually, typhoid fever took the lives of 47 people in this real-life house of horrors. The hospital finally closed its creepy doors and was abandoned in 1985. Today, it is considered one of the most haunted sites in Illinois.