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The Definitive Guide To All Things Haunted And Creepy In Kentucky

Kentucky is fabulous for so many reasons and if you love all things creepy and haunted, the Bluegrass State is a bone-chilling place to explore. From haunted houses to haunted trails, abandoned hospitals to infamous haunted places in Kentucky, our state is apparently filled with ghost stories and things that go bump in the night. Some of the creepy and haunted places in Kentucky include a former hospital that welcomes famous ghost hunters, a haunted prison turned bed and breakfast, and one of the creepiest haunted trails in the U.S. If your idea of a day of fun is tracking down all of the haunted places in our state, then take a look at this definitive guide to all things haunted and creepy in Kentucky.


The Creepiest Haunted Trail In Kentucky

When looking for the most haunted places in Kentucky, don’t forget to check out a few creepy hiking trails. While there are many aboveground hikes that include a ghost story or two, this cave tour is known as the creepiest haunted trail in Kentucky. Deep within Mammoth Cave, the longest cave system in the world, you can take a tour to a section of the cave that was once used as a place for Tuberculosis patients. A doctor thought this would be a healing environment for them, but it turns out many did not come back out of the cave. Visitors and staff have reported eery feelings and ghostly sightings, and considering this is all inside a cave, it doesn’t get much creepier! Would you take this underground haunted trail in Kentucky?


5 Creepy Facts About Kentucky

  1. Camp Taylor, a small community southeast of Louisville, was once a military camp that opened in the early 1900s. The flu struck the camp in 1917 and 1918 and around 1,000 people died in about three weeks. This tragic event is said to be the source of paranormal activity in this haunted neighborhood in Kentucky.
  2. Located on the campus of Transylvania University in Lexington, the Monroe Moosnick Medical and Science Museum is a unique and creepy collection that feels more like a sci-fi movie than a museum. Well known lover of all things creepy, Ozzy Osbourne has visited the museum and many consider it to be one of the creepiest places in Kentucky.
  3. A pop culture phenomenon, The Walking Dead is a popular TV show that is definitely creepy. But do you know about the show’s ties to Kentucky? The creators of The Walking Dead originally set the storyline in the Kentucky town of Cynthiana. If you visit the town today, you’ll find all sorts of nods to this hometown show.
  4. In the charming and historic town of Bardstown, you’ll find the oldest hotel in the state and what many consider to be the most haunted. The Old Talbott Tavern is a bar, restaurant, and hotel that is said to be the home of ghostly spirits that haven’t left since the 1700s and 1800s. Countless ghost stories have been told and the interior is as creepy as it is welcoming. Would you spend the night in this haunted hotel in Kentucky?
  5. Kentucky is the home of many cemeteries, both big and small, that date back to the very beginning of our state. Haunted cemeteries are nothing new, but the Bluegrass State has several and their creepy stories are downright bone-chilling.