14 Haunted Places In Kentucky That Are Truly Chilling

There are all sorts of haunted places in Kentucky. Here in the Bluegrass State, we all heard scary stories growing up, causing most of us to fear things that went bump in the night. However, in many cases, these frightening tales were just stories. Usually, our elders usually didn’t want to tell us about “real” ghosts, else we’d never sleep in our own beds. Fortunately for you, there are many haunted places in Kentucky that just might push you out of your comfort zone. Some remain skeptical that spirits, ghosts, and other commonplace pieces of lore walk the earth. However, some of these Kentucky places have chalked up some pretty indisputable proof. The following destinations in Kentucky have had so many ghost sightings that it is difficult to ignore the creepy possibilities:

Creepy does not even begin to cover any of these haunted places in Kentucky. Death still seems to hang in the air at Waverly Hills and Old Louisville probably has as many ghosts as the average cemetery. If you love to be scared and have your hair stand on end, feel free to check out any of these haunted places in Kentucky. We would love to hear about your own experiences in the comments below!

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Haunted Places In Kentucky

February 13, 2023

What are the creepiest haunted cemeteries in Kentucky?

Some see graveyards as a serene place of quiet and peace and go there to study, relax, and visit their dead. Others don’t necessarily agree with that concept and see cemeteries as a haven for paranormal activity. It could be said that a final resting place may not always be a place of rest, especially if you’ve visited during odd hours. It isn’t unusual to hear tales of strange lights, bumps, and chatter in the night at some supposedly haunted cemeteries in Kentucky. Many a nonbeliever will explain away the possibilities with scientific or illogical explanations. However, not everyone is a skeptic… and not everything can be explained away.

  • Eastern Cemetery in Louisville has a super spooky history that dates back to the 1840s, and it certainly has an unforgettable atmosphere.
  • Pikeville Cemetery. Ready for a spine-tingling KY ghost story? On May 2nd, 1891, Octavia Hatcher was pronounced dead after several months of illness. Her husband buried her, but after several other people seemed to recover from a similar illness, they dug Octavia up. The grim discovery was that Octavia had been buried alive and awakened while in the ground. She frantically tried to get out, to no avail, and slowly suffocated. A marble replica of her is above her grave now, but her spirit is said to wander the Pikeville Cemetery on Cemetery Road.
  • Wynns Cemetery. The locals tell ghost stories of the hanging death of two witches that took place long ago. The trees that the witches were hung from still stand, and their graves were places above ground. People report black apparitions, strange phenomena, and unexplained weather changes on the anniversary of their deaths. The cemetery is located on Jim Wilson Road.
  • Warfield Cemetery. In Barbourville, this cemetery off Hwy 459 is said to have a very unfriendly spirit within its gates. Visitors have reported feelings of extreme discomfort, and being followed by an unseen, but troubling spirit. Those who find themselves to be in the sights of this disturbing spirit complain of an overwhelming sense of fear. Would you be brave enough to visit this haunted cemetery in Kentucky?


What is the most haunted place in Kentucky?

Without a doubt, Waverly Hills Sanatorium is easily the most haunted spot in Kentucky. Aiming to treat the "White Plague," something we know today as tuberculosis, this hospital was sadly the end of the road for many sick men, women, and children. The building has been maintained and stabilized to allow visitors to take guided tours, both paranormal and historical. You can even arrange a private investigation and bring along equipment! Read more about this chilling place in Kentucky... if you dare!