15 Haunted Places In Kentucky That Will Give You Nightmares Tonight

We all heard scary stories growing up, causing most of us to fear things that went bump in the night. However, in many cases, these frightening tales were just stories. Usually, our elders usually didn’t want to tell us about “real” ghosts, else we’d never sleep in our own beds.

Some may not believe in spirits that still walk the earth.  However, some of these Kentucky places have chalked up some pretty in-disputable proof. These 15 destinations have had so many ghost sightings that it is difficult to ignore the creepy possibilities:

In my opinion, creepy does not even begin to cover any of these places. Death still seems to hang in the air at Waverly Hills and Old Louisville probably has as many ghosts as the average cemetery. If you love to be scared and have your hair stand on end, feel free to check out any of these destinations. I’d love to hear about your own experiences.