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The Definitive Guide To All Things Haunted And Creepy In Ohio

Ohio tells an interesting story, and it’s often a creepy one. Between abandoned coal mining towns, long-forgotten amusement parks reclaimed by nature, haunted inns with strange occurrences, and small towns with frequent paranormal activity, you’re never far from a chilling local legend or a haunting piece of the past. In fact, it’s easy to argue that Ohio just might be the most haunted state in America. Exploring the abandoned, haunted, and creepy treasures of the Buckeye State simply isn’t for the faint of heart. Our definitive guide will show you some of the most chilling destinations in all of Ohio.

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5 Creepy Facts About Ohio

1. The former town of Boston Mills in northeast Ohio was bought by the U.S. government to make way for Cuyahoga Valley National Park in the 1970s. The once thriving town eventually turned into a ghost town. Rumors of Satanic activity, government conspiracy, and even mutated citizens floated around for decades. Today, Boston Township is a sleepy yet charming town with plenty of ghosts and local legends that intrigue Ohio explorers.

2.The Butcher of Kingsbury Run, also known as the “Cleveland Torso Murderer,” was an unidentified serial killer who murdered and dismembered at least twelve victims from among the homeless population in Cleveland during the 1930s—many of whom remain unidentified to this day.

3. The abandoned coal mining town of Moonville in southeastern Ohio’s Vinton County was founded in 1856, when the Marietta and Cincinnati railroad ran through the area’s woods. One structure of the town that remains today is the Moonville Tunnel, a haunted tunnel where a man was allegedly killed by a passing train. It’s said that his ghost wanders along the bed of the train tracks near the old tunnel at night. Today, you can explore the area via the Moonville Rail Trail, the creepiest haunted trail in Ohio.

4. Like many rural areas and small towns in Ohio, Rogues Hollow was once a thriving coal mining village near the modern day town of Doylestown, Ohio. Rogues Hollow was also a place for notorious outlaws and gangsters to hide out. Shoot-outs and robberies were common here, and these continued until the early 20th-century. Every October, the historical society hosts a “Walk the Hollow” event where you hear the spooky tales surrounding the hollow and explore the area at night.

5. The small town of Sabina, known as “The Eden of Ohio,” was once home to “Eugene the Mummy,” an unidentified dead man who became an unusual roadside attraction—and was displayed in the town for more than 36 years. People came from all over the country to see him, but he was never identified. Today, Eugene rests in a grave in the town’s cemetery. The headstone reads: “Eugene, Found Dead: 1928, Buried: 1964.”

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