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The Definitive Guide To All Things Haunted And Creepy In South Carolina

If you’re looking for creepy facts, haunted places, and abandoned spaces, then South Carolina is the place to be. Within the boundaries of the Palmetto State there are many unexplained, weird, and downright bizarre things that occur. Ghost stories abound, haunted houses sit among our neighborhoods, and our legendary cryptid, the Lizardman, is known virtually worldwide. You may even find creepy photos of him. South Carolina ghost stories run rampant throughout the state and are not localized to any certain area. From wartime origins to spirits that may have been the victims of violent crime, the ghost sightings and paranormal occurrences in the state are wide and varied. South Carolina has rows of haunted mansions, and plenty of haunted hotels and haunted museums. The state has had its share of mass murders over the centuries, including many victims of serial killers. During the fall, South Carolina is full of haunted trails, haunted hayrides, and haunted corn mazes, as well the scariest haunted houses. Unsolved mysteries are among the most intriguing to ponder, wondering what happened or why is this particular place in South Carolina so creepy? If you love creepy, haunted, bizarre places, then prepare to gas up the car and go exploring!


Five Creepy Facts About South Carolina

  1. One of America’s worst serial killers was from South Carolina. Donald “Pee Wee” Gaskins was a hardcore violent offender who grew up in South Carolina. At the time of his death, he was considered the worst serial killer the country had ever seen.
  2. America’s first female serial killer was from South Carolina. She and her husband lived in the Charleston area and ran a boarding house. She would lure boarders from out of town into a trap and kill them – all so she could take their money and possessions. Eventually, she was caught and then executed at the very prison mentioned above.
  3. The Gray Man of Pawley’s island is an apparition that appears on the same stretch of beach during hurricane season to warn locals to evacuate. For decades the Gray Man has been seen time and time again – and always just before a storm hits the South Carolina coast.
  4. No one really knows where the Lizard Man of Scape Ore Swamp came from, but those living in the area where he was first spotted all agree that this cryptid is real. Part lizard and part man, he first appeared more than 30 years ago and continues to be spotted in the same general area.
  5. Boo Hags are a real thing in Gullah culture in South Carolina. Known throughout the Gullah culture circles, the creatures are known for creeping into people’s homes while they are asleep and taking possession of their bodies to use as they please until the person awakes. Have you ever awakened from a night’s sleep feeling as if you haven’t slept a wink?