These 15 Haunted Places In South Carolina Will Absolutely Terrify You

I don’t know about you, but growing up in South Carolina (in the Low Country, I might add) I was inundated with ghost stories, haunted houses, and haunted places. Much to my delight, a lot of them were right outside my back door so to speak. However, it didn’t frighten me in the least, on the contrary, I became absolutely enthralled in the history of them and growing up did not diminish my interest. Here are 15 places that will send chills down your spine.

There are so many more stories to be told than just these 15. As I said, South Carolina is a very historical-rich state with numerous stories to be told. I’m sure that I have missed one or two of your favorite stories and I would absolutely love to hear them. If you would, please comment on your favorite ghost story, haunted building, or haunted place below and if you have a picture then it is even better!

On a side note, please understand that some of these locations are closed to the public. I, in no way, encourage you to break those rules to go ghost hunting. If you do visit any sites that are open at night, please be careful and take precautions such as a buddy or two, a phone, etc.