13 Staggering Photos Of An Abandoned Mansion Hiding In South Carolina

This article, about an abandoned mansion that once existed in the Upstate, is about more than just beautiful photos of nature reclaiming a grand old home. It’s about age-old hindsight of not knowing exactly what you have until it’s gone. You see, there are many abandoned mansions in South Carolina that are demolished after years of sitting empty and suffering from gradual decay. Luckily, we still have plenty of amazing photos of this place to admire; the building may be gone, but the memories remain. It will always be a piece of South Carolina history.

Did you know this historic mansion existed in South Carolina – or that it was demolished? If you have photos or more information about this property, we’d love to hear about it and see your photos in the comments! Have you been to any other abandoned mansions in South Carolina?

For a list of some grand old homes you can still visit in the Palmetto State, here are nine historic South Carolina plantations you can visit or tour!

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Address: 728 N Church St, Spartanburg, SC 29303, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Abandoned Mansion in South Carolina

December 06, 2021

Where are some interesting, abandoned places in South Carolina? 

Some of the most interesting abandoned places in South Carolina include:

South Carolina is an interesting state no matter what your interests are, but if you’re into abandoned places, well, you’re in luck. South Carolina just happens to be full of ‘em! For example, in Columbia, you’ll find an abandoned insane asylum (seriously!). It was once the South Carolina Lunatic Asylum (they were... less than kind with the names back then), and it was the site of plenty of untold horrors as a product of its time. If abandoned hospitals are indeed your thing, you’ll want to check out the Charleston Naval Hospital in North Charleston, which has been abandoned since 1966. Numerous buildings are still standing, and the entire campus is creepy as all get out. Then there’s the old Charleston City Jail, which was built in 1802 and renovated in 1855. It was officially closed down after many tumultuous years in 1939, and it was used as storage for decades after. For more of our favorite abandoned places in South Carolina, check out this article! 

What are some genuinely creepy places in South Carolina? 

Some of the most creepy places in South Carolina include haunted inns, cemeteries, and even some creepy forests. Here are a few supposedly haunted places in SC:

South Carolina is one of those states that are just, well, naturally creepy. Between the dramatic landscapes, beautiful plantations (including ones with some dark, dark history), and all the ghost stories, well, South Carolina isn’t the place to be if you’re easily frightened. Some of the creepiest places in South Carolina include the old Pelican Inn, said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman who used to work in the kitchen. She appears as a solid apparition that most folks assume is simply a living person, except she’s decked out in garb from the days in which she was... you know...

Oakwood Cemetery, in Spartanburg, is also a creepy place in this beautiful state known for being as creepy as it is. There, electronics misbehave, and people have reported hearing disembodied crying, whispers, and being touched by unseen hands. We’ll pass, thanks.