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The Definitive Guide To All Things Haunted And Creepy In Rhode Island 

Rhode Island is one of the oldest states in our great nation, which means that it should be no surprise that it is filled with haunted places and happenings. The ghost stories that you’ll hear coming out of this state are truly terrifying! In addition to iconic urban legends, Rhode Island is also filled with haunted trails, creepy facts, and even what some might call the scariest haunted house in the country. Whether you’re traipsing through the creepiest haunted corn maze during the autumn months, or you’re visiting the handful of haunted houses peppering the state, you’ll need a little bit of time and a whole lot of bravery to explore the scariest spots in Rhode Island.

5 Creepy Facts About Rhode Island

1. Fort Wetherill, in Jamestown, Rhode Island is a truly terrifying spot. It is said that this abandoned military fort is filled with acres of terrifying underground tunnels. Are those tunnels brimming with spirits?

2. Belcourt Castle in Newport, Rhode Island is an old estate in the country and also one of the spookiest destinations. With tours offered throughout the hallowed halls, you’ll find tons of worldly antiques to match these terrifying tales.

3. The Breakers Mansion in Newport is a mesmerizing mansion built by the Vanderbilt family many years ago. But rumors are that this haunted mansion is also haunted by Alice Vanderbilt herself.

4. The Charles Looff Carousel in Crescent Park is said to be haunted after many people perished in a fire back in the 1960s. A few creepy things reported in this area include children laughing, music turning on and off, and women dressed in early 1900s attire roaming the grounds.

5. Exeter, Rhode Island is one of the most haunted small towns in the state. The scariest story out of this town comes from this tiny church, where graves were dug up to prevent “vampires” from taking over.