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The Definitive Guide To New York’s Most Haunted Landmarks

The state of New York is one of the most historically rich places in the United States, and that makes for a series of haunting landmarks, spaces and stories of people who no longer live to tell their tales. Fortunately, many of these stories live on in the form of trails, castle ruins, bars and the people fascinated enough to study the history themselves. From the unassuming inn to the upstate winery, the ghosts of New York’s past often live on in the places we least expect. Other times, it’s the places we most expect, especially when it comes to horrific asylums and spooky cemeteries. Many of the creepiest sites in New York are not just buildings to drive by, but entire worlds that visitors can step inside and experience themselves, which usually leads to the scariest yet most intriguing stories of all. This guide gives adventurers a look at some of the creepiest places in New York, where ghosts and their tortured pasts live on, walking among the explorers brave enough to seek them out.

5 Creepy Facts About New York

  1. New York is home to perhaps the most famous haunted house in the entire country. The Amityville Horror House, as it’s now known, got its moniker after a New Yorker savagely murdered his entire family as they slept. Those who later moved into the home tell tales of the family haunting the home. Today, the home has been renovated and its address changed to give the current owners privacy.
  2. If you venture underground in Rochester, you’ll discover a whole new world. The remains of a former underground subway system attracts curiosity-seekers, boasts abandoned tunnels, and is littered with graffiti.
  3. New York’s home to a natural phenomenon or an optical illusion, depending on what you personally believe. When you visit Spook Hill, also known as Gravity Hill, on Newell Road in Middlesex, put your car in neutral. It will roll backwards up the hill.
  4. Did you know you can visit an abandoned Girl Scout camp in Beechwood State Park? Yep, you can visit the eerie remains of abandoned cabins and even a swimming pool.
  5. Hikers will find several haunted trails that dot the state. If you’re brave enough, follow the Wilkinson Trail at Saratoga National Historical Park. It’s haunted by the spirits of long-gone soldiers.