The Story Behind This Haunted South Carolina Gravestone Is Like Something From A Horror Movie

If South Carolina had a Haunted Places Hall of Fame this cemetery near Pawley’s Island would certainly be nominated. The legendary tale surrounding one single marker in this southern graveyard leads countless visitors to the site each year. Some arrive as mere thrill seekers in search of a true paranormal experience; others are insufferable romantics who identify with the soul the marker commemorates.

Alice Flagg was a real person whose story has enshrined her forever in the hearts of South Carolinians and visitors alike. Visiting this grave can be either a harrowing or rewarding experience depending upon how you feel about seeing a ghost. Would you be a thrill seeker or would you go to help Alice soothe her broken heart? Either way, don’t forget to bring an offering!

More famous haunts are scattered around the Palmetto State. If you don’t like ghosts then you’ll want to stay off of the most haunted road in South Carolina after dark.