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The Definitive Guide To All Things Haunted And Creepy In Tennessee 

While some people visit Tennessee for the one-of-a-kind music scene or to hike through the Smoky Mountains, others visit for a different reason altogether—to be scared out of their minds! There are so many haunted places in Tennessee worth exploring, from the historic haunted hotel to the scariest haunted house in the east. For example, did you know that you can actually take a tour of Tennessee‘s freakiest haunted prison? Buckle in, folks, it’s about to be one terrifying jaunt through Tennessee.

5 Creepy Facts About Tennessee

  1. Tennessee State Prison isn’t the only reportedly haunted prison in the state. Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary is rumored to be haunted, too, and the spirits here are bone-chillingly evil.

  2. Greenbriar Restaurant in Gatlinburg is known for having a delicious lunch menu, but also for the ghost that haunts the halls. As local legend goes, a woman named Lydia who hung herself when her husband didn’t show for the wedding still roams the restaurant. What Lydia didn’t know was that her husband was killed by cougars in the woods rather than just skipping out on the wedding.

  3. The infamous Bell Witch Cave is located in Tennessee, and in case you don’t know the story behind this one, it’s quite a tale. You can actually take a private tour of the cave during the summer months and around Halloween to learn all about the creepy facts behind this haunt.

  4. Most people don’t know that Nashville has hidden tunnels underneath the entire city! This web of tunnels goes all the way back to the 1800s, and many residents question why the tunnels exist and whether they’re still in use!

  5. One of the most widely-known ghost stories in Tennessee involves “The Thing” which terrorized Nashville in the early 1900s. It is said that this creature came to be after an elite Nashville couple held a seance. Neither cat nor dog, The Thing was rumored to be a small, dark animal from the underworld which roamed the city streets every night.