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The Definitive Guide To All Things Haunted And Creepy In Arkansas

When you think of Arkansas, hauntings might not be where your mind goes to first, but our state is full of haunted houses, haunted trails, and tons of creepy facts. You may have heard of the Allen House since it’s gained recognition as America’s most haunted house, but lesser-known scary spots like Rich Mountain or the Old State House, now a haunted museum, might not be on your radar. From old ancient mounds to urban legends that seem too scary to be true, Arkansas is home to some of the creepiest places in the U.S. If you’re a fan of the terrifying and paranormal, you’ll love to read about the most haunted places in Arkansas with creepy photos to prove it.

5 Creepy Facts About Arkansas

  1. The Arkansas State Capitol is built upon the grounds of a former penitentiary. When the capitol was being constructed in 1899, old coffins containing former inmates were found. In 1932, Representative Ira Gurley tragically died when the capitol’s south elevator collapsed on her. Now, there have been various reports of voices from the basement, as well as a woman floating down the staircase.
  2. Mount Holly Cemetery is arguably the scariest cemetery in Arkansas, and is home to numerous ghost sightings, including those caught in photographs. Most paranormal activity is said to happen at sunrise.
  3. A particular urban legend in Arkansas is about The Old Arsenal building in MacArthur Park. Rumor has it that two figures can be seen playfully dueling at any given time.
  4. There’s indigenous land in Toltec Mounds Archaeological State Park that was once home to the Plum Bayou people. However, archeologists cannot trace back to where they went, suggesting that they disappeared. Those who visit the mounds have reported ghost figures and sounds of footsteps.
  5. The most haunted hotel in Arkansas is the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa. This terrifying spot was a former hospital where experiments were performed by a sinister “doctor”. There have been reports of “Dr. Baker” haunting the halls, as well as his victims.