The most dangerous places in Arkansas may surprise you.

Imagine for a moment that you’re not safe behind your screen. You’re in an unfamiliar Arkansas town, in an unfamiliar neighborhood, walking back to your car. It’s nighttime, you’re alone, the streetlights are so far away they’re bordering on nonexistent, and everything is creepier in an unfamiliar place anyway, so you pick up the pace. You’re not quite on the verge of sprinting to your car and jumping into it like you’re still a kid worried about the ankle-grabbing monster who lives under your bed and loves to have barefoot children for a midnight snack, but you’re not exactly having a leisurely stroll either. You finally get to your car. It hasn’t been a long walk, but that dark street made it feel long. You put your keys into the ignition and a wave of relieve passes through you. You feel silly about how much your pace and pulse quickened, but you lock the doors anyway, just in case. You tell yourself there was never anything to be worried about on that little journey. After all, your home is in the Natural State and it’s a pretty safe place to be, right?


Well, you’re sort of right. Compared to national averages, Arkansas is a fairly safe place. I spent some time with a website called Neighborhood Scout, which is a great place to find information about crime rates by state and by city, hunting for Arkansas crime statistics. The United States crime rate has declined over the years, and in general, Arkansas remains a safe place to live. We go above the national average when it comes to violent crime, however. According to Neighborhood Scout, 20,363 violent crimes occurred last year. There are some cities, however, where you’re much more likely to be a victim of crime, violent or otherwise. You’ll find ten cities you definitely don’t want to be caught in at night below. Number one is definitely going to be Pine Bluff because you’ve heard terrible stories about that town, yeah? Nope. Pine Bluff isn’t exactly a gem, but it’s probably better off than you think.

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Remember, crime is an unfortunate reality in every U.S city. Luckily, Arkansas is much safer than many other places in the nation. As long as you keep your wits about you and remember to trust your gut, you should have a wonderful time exploring The Natural State.

Were you surprised to learn about the most dangerous places in Arkansas? Despite these startling statistics, we still think The Natural State is the best place to be.

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most dangerous places in Arkansas

What is the worst place to live in Arkansas?

While, of course, we absolutely love the Natural State, this place isn’t entirely perfect. Like anywhere in the United States, Arkansas sees a bit of violence and property damage. Little Rock, as the state’s capital, ranks number one in terms of crime. But that doesn’t mean it’s the worst place to live! Ultimately, it all boils down to your personal preference. Arkansas’s capital city is full of bustling shops, gorgeous scenery, and delicious diners. 

What are the best things about living in Arkansas?

Locals love Arkansas’s magnificent scenery. I mean, this makes sense. We are called The Natural State, after all! Where else can you bask in glimmering hot springs, explore waterfalls, and eat at some down-home diners? Plus, this state is full of southern charm. People here treat you like family and welcome you with a smile. For some travel inspiration, check out our previous article about the 12 most stunning photos of Arkansas. Here, you’ll get up-close views of cabins, skylines, and man-made wonders.

What are the best small towns in Arkansas?

There are so many charming small towns in Arkansas. Elm Springs is a prime example. Located in both Benton and Washington counties, this area is known as “one of the oldest little cities in Northwest Arkansas.” Whether you’re visiting for the Pioneer Days festival or just exploring for the fun of it, you’ll fall in love with this delightful area.