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The Definitive Guide To All Things Haunted And Creepy In North Dakota

North Dakota is a state rich in all things creepy. We’ve got our fair share of things like haunted houses, haunted mansions, haunted corn mazes, and even haunted hotels, and the list definitely doesn’t end there. If you’re on the search for some amazingly creepy pictures and some interesting creepy facts about the Rough Rider State, you’re in the right place. From the scariest haunted house to information about some of the very best Halloween haunts in the state, here is our guide to all things haunted and creepy in North Dakota.

5 Creepy Facts About North Dakota

  1. In January 1981, a teenage girl was in an accident in -22 degree weather. She was found the next morning, literally frozen solid; her body temperature had plummeted so low that it did not register on a thermometer. However, after several hours, her body thawed enough to regain consciousness, and she miraculously survived. 
  2. The Riverside Cemetery is a notoriously haunted historic cemetery in Fargo. Very strange EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) have been recorded there, and apparitions have been spotted all over the grounds. Do you think you would go here after dark? 
  3. The San Haven Sanitarium was built in 1912 and operated until the 1990s. It mainly housed tuberculosis patients, and unfortunately, they were not treated well. Even long ago, when standards of care just about didn’t exist, it was a controversial place due to the poor treatment and neglect patients faced. It is now abandoned and is said to be haunted by ex-patients and the ghost of an urban explorer who accidentally fell down an elevator shaft and died after it closed for good. Would you explore the grounds of the derelict sanitarium? 
  4. North Dakota is home to our very own cryptid: a creepy beast with long, shaggy reddish hair similar to a buffalo, with one eye and one horn above the eye, and a spine that protrudes from its back. It is called Miniwashitu, and seeing it is an omen of death, particularly if spotted during the day.
  5. The most famous UFO sighting in North Dakota history was over Fargo in 1948. It was called “The Gorman Dogfight,” and it happened on October 1st. A celebrated WWII pilot and his crew witnessed a large, colorful flying disc hovering over the city below their plane. It darted off and wasn’t seen on radar, until it came back… and came right at the plane. The strange craft began buzzing the plane and continued to do so for more than 27 minutes, during which time there were several witnesses. How many of these North Dakota legends are you familiar with?