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Have you heard the rumors that some abandoned places in Hot Springs were playgrounds for gamblers and gangsters alike? One of these hotspots was the Mountainaire Hotel Historic District, which consisted of the twin Art Moderne stylish hotel. Now abandoned for nearly 30 years, these deserted towers are hiding secrets that will never come to light. Known for its unique architecture, this abandoned hotel in Arkansas still attracts curious visitors from the area. Let’s explore the Mountainaire Hotel and marvel at its gorgeous architecture.

So, did you know about this abandoned hotel in Arkansas? If so, have you stepped inside? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Also, here’s a fascinating video filmed by Abandoned Places that sheds more light on some abandoned places in Hot Springs. 

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Besides the Mountainaire Hotel, are there more abandoned places in Hot Springs?

There are lots of abandoned places in Hot Springs and many of them were the hotspots for wealthy business men and gamblers looking for a great time. Besides the Mountainaire Hotel, here are a few more abandoned places in Hot Springs. Some of which have been demolished, or restored, while others are still abandoned or up for sale:

  • Malco Theatre - Restored in 2017
  • Maurice Bathhouse - Built in 1912 and up for sale 
  • The Belvedere Country Club - built in 1949 and abandoned in 2013
  • Cottage Court Historic District - Restored in 2017
  • The Majestic Hotel - Built in 1882, abandoned in 2006 and has been demolished
  • The Thompson Building - Built in 1913 and restored in 2017

Read more about the Majestic Hotel that has been one of the most fascinating abandoned places in Hot Springs.

What are some more abandoned hotels in Arkansas?

There are no shortages of abandoned hotels in Arkansas. Some of these hotels were brimming with gorgeous architecture which serves as a reminder of the prominence of these now forgotten places. Here is a list of 5 abandoned hotels in Arkansas:

  • The De Soto Hotel - Built in 1926 and abandoned in 1987
  • McCartney Hotel - Built in 1929 and abandoned in 1975
  • Rock Candy Mountain Resort - Built in 1987 and abandoned in 1993
  • Bald Knob Hotel - Built in 1910 and abandoned in the 1970’s
  • Hotel Pines - Built in 1903 and abandoned in 1981


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 What are some interesting, abandoned places in Arkansas?  

Some interesting, abandoned places in Arkansas include Rush Historic District, Ozark Medieval Fortress, Dinosaur World, Monte Ne, Arkansas Tuberculosis Sanitorium, and perhaps one of the most famous, Dogpatch USA Fun Park. Here’s a previous article about some more abandoned places in Arkansas

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