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The Definitive Guide To All Things Haunted And Creepy In Florida

While many people associate Florida with palm trees, warm sandy beaches, and emerald green ocean, there is a creepy Florida history that is often overlooked. Florida has quite the list of haunted places to explore, especially when it comes to abandoned buildings and historical hotspots. It’s easy for a state like Florida, which is packed with history, to have dozens of haunted houses or creepy facts circulating. From spending the night in a haunted hotel room to visiting a cemetery where you can sit down and have a beer with Satan himself, here are a few of the most terrifyingly haunted places throughout Florida.

5 Creepy Facts About Florida

1. In a recent study of which states in the country produced the highest number of serial killers, Florida ranked #3.

2. Within Port St. Lucie Park Hammock Park there is an old oak tree that many locals have determined to be evil. It has been said that before the park was established, an ex-deputy of the Broward County Sheriff’s Office brutally murdered two 19-year-old girls there. Over the years, bloodcurdling screams can be heard in the area, plus the police have noted satanic rituals to have taken place nearby.

3. Captain Tony’s Saloon, established in 1852 in Key West, Florida is supposedly the oldest saloon in the state. But before it was the local watering hole, it was used for refrigeration purposes as the city’s morgue.

4. The Devil’s Chair in Cassadaga, Florida is located within the town’s cemetery. Local lore says that if you bring a beer at midnight and sit in the chair the devil will appear to you.

5. Florida has its very own version of Bigfoot known as the Skunk Ape. This creature stands at 7-feet-tall and can be found devouring animal carcasses in nearby caves. While scientists have debunked the creature’s existence, many eyewitnesses claim it to be real.