Most People Have No Idea There Are Remnants Of A Medieval Fortress Hiding In This Arkansas Forest

The Ozark National Forest has many hidden gems but a 13th-century French castle probably wouldn’t be the first thing that comes to mind. The castle still stands but seems to have been forgotten in the forest. Let’s look at what should have been a popular Arkansas attraction.

Many of these photos are brought to us by our friends over at AbandonedAR. They travel to forgotten locations all over the state to preserve these places through historic documentation.

Although it’s doubtful there’ll be news anytime soon, you can still follow the Ozark Medieval Fortress Facebook Page.

For more pictures, you can read AbandonedAR’s full article right here.

Let’s not let this gem go forgotten. We’d love to hear about your stories to the castle while it was still open. Reminisce with us in the comments below.

Here’s the hike that leads straight to an abandoned cemetery.