The Natural State has many hidden gems – in a state with so much wilderness, there are plenty of beautiful areas that don’t get much as much attention as they deserve. Most of these spots are what you’d expect, things like secret waterfalls, hidden caves, under-appreciated trails, and other natural features. You probably wouldn’t expect there to be a 13th-century French castle in Arkansas. The Ozark Medieval Fortress castle still stands, somewhat forgotten in the woods in Leed Hill, not too far from the state line. This place should have been a popular Arkansas attraction, but instead it’s left decaying in obscurity.

Many of the photos used in this article came from our friends over at AbandonedAR. This is a great site for anyone interested in abandoned places in Arkansas. Preservation of places from Arkansas history is so important!

Interested in seeing more photos of this once-magnificent Ozark Medieval Fortress? Check out the full gallery from AbandonedAR.

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