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The Definitive Guide To All Things Haunted And Creepy In West Virginia

If you love creepy facts, scary stories, and all manner of haunted houses and haunted places, then West Virginia is the place for you! Well-known among ghost hunters and paranormal investigators as a state rife with spirits, West Virginia packs in the scariest haunted houses, haunted hotels, haunted corn mazes, haunted hayrides, haunted trails, haunted mansions, haunted bridges, haunted ghost towns, haunted tunnels, haunted forests, and even haunted museums, than any other state we know. Plus, the pages of West Virginia’s history contain an unfortunately large number of serial killers, freak accidents, and even a handful of creepy alien monster sightings. So what are some of the creepiest, scariest areas in West Virginia? Here are a few of the spots that are rumored to be among the most haunted places in the state, along with some creepy facts and creepy photos to prove what a scary place West Virginia can be after dark, or clothed in fog, or when you are by yourself in a long, dark tunnel. Will you be seeking out these spooky sites or avoiding them altogether?

5 Creepy Facts About West Virginia

  1. The “Lonely Hearts Killer,” the “Classified-Ad Rapist,” the “Mad Butcher,” and Charles Manson, leader of the “Manson Family” cult, all of whom committed unspeakable, horrific crimes, were born or lived in West Virginia.
  2. In 1887, the ghost of Zona Shue, known as the Greenbrier Ghost, returned to accuse her husband of domestic violence leading to her death. Her testimony was used in court to convict him of her murder. This is the only known case in history where a ghost’s testimony was instrumental to a conviction.
  3. In addition to plenty of ghosts and other apparitions, multiple strange, creepy, unexplainable alien monster sightings have been reported in West Virginia, including some of the most well-known: Mothman and the Flatwoods Monster.
  4. The American holiday of Father’s Day was inspired by a terrible mining accident in West Virginia – the worst in American history – that killed everyone inside.
  5.  There are perhaps hundreds of ancient burial mounds scattered throughout the state, some as old as two thousand years and a few rumored to contain skeletons of giants.