You Won’t Want To Visit This Notorious West Virginia Cemetery Alone Or After Dark

Growing up in the Mountain State, we learn at an early age both the beauty and the spoils of family pride. The lesson is usually learned in school and entails the famous feud (some say over a pig, others say it was much more than that) between the Hatfield and McCoy families. Thanks to modern technology (the Internet and several made-for-television documentaries and mini-series), the famous feud has turned the two families into legendary royalty in the minds of many in the home states where the two clans reside.

Have you ever made the trip to Sarah Ann, West Virginia just to visit the Hatfield Family Cemetery? We’d love to know about your experience!

This Hatfield Family Cemetery Is located a couple of miles south of Sarah Ann. The cemetery and the access road can be found on this Google map link.

Editors Note: Please be respectful if visiting this family plot. Follow the rules of a hiking trail, and leave no trace behind.