Abandoned And Frozen In Time, Explore The Ghost Town Of Thurmond, West Virginia

Equal parts eerie and fascinating, you can find the ghost town of Thurmond, West Virginia in beautiful New River Gorge National Park. Hit hard by the Great Depression and abandoned by the 1950s, it has been well-preserved and it’s just waiting for you to explore. The National Park Services maintains around 20 buildings in former coal and rail village, and you’ll want to see every one. (Check out our video down below for a peek!)

As one can imagine, there are reports that Thurmond is haunted, though we can’t find mention of any specific ghost stories – just a “strange presence” that seems to follow you through town. Follow us through town below.

Address: Thurmond Station, Hwy 25 & Hwy 2, Thurmond, WV 25936, USA