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The Definitive Guide To All Things Haunted And Creepy In Montana

If there’s anything Montana definitely has going for it, it’s the plethora of hauntings and creepiness scattered throughout the state. We’ve got it all in terms of haunted places: haunted houses, haunted museums, haunted trails; heck, even a haunted mansion or two can be found in the Treasure State. In autumn, we pride ourselves with having some of the very best haunted corn mazes and spooky attractions. We’ve compiled a bunch of our favorite creepy facts and creepy pictures from Montana for your reading pleasure. What is it about Montana that’s just so spooky?

5 Creepy Facts About Montana

  1. In August 1950, the first film footage of a UFO was captured in Great Falls, Montana, inciting an investigation by the US Air Force – who claimed that the sighting was nothing more than “reflections” from two nearby fighter jets. We are inclined to doubt it. Numerous witnesses have said this explanation is not adequate. What was in the sky that night?
  2. In 1967, two women were attacked by two grizzly bears on the same night at Glacier National Park. Up until this bizarre incident, there had been no documented attacks on people by grizzlies in the park at all. For two attacks to happen in one night, by two separate animals, in two separate incidents, was exceedingly bizarre (and tremendously rare). What else can kill you in Montana?
  3. In September 2013, a woman at a car wash discovered something that was beyond horrifying: a literal part of a man’s face. Turns out, a trucker had struck an 80-year-old man on I-90 and did not stop; other drivers subsequently hit the body as well, and one of them came to that particular car wash to clean the gore off of their car… not realizing it belonged to a person. Have you ever read about any of these terrifying occurrences in the Treasure State? 
  4. On February 27, 1943, there was a violent explosion that ripped through Smith Mine #3, a coal mine near Bear Creek, Montana. Nobody knows what caused the explosion, but out of 77 men working in the mine that morning, only three survived. Did you know about these terrifying mining disasters in Montana? 
  5. In June 2012, a couple of hikers found a garbage bag with two severed human legs inside. The legs were never matched to anybody (or any body), and nobody knows who they belonged to. It’s still a mystery, and we’d rather not think about it. Have you heard about these intense unsolved Montana mysteries?