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The Definitive Guide To All Things Haunted And Creepy In Wyoming

If you’ve spent any time in Wyoming, you know that it is full of haunted towns and creepy, abandoned places. Sometimes, it seems like there are more ghost towns in Wyoming than populated towns, and many of these former abandoned communities are full of paranormal activity. Have you ever visited the haunted Wyoming prison in Rawlins, or have you seen a ghost on Wyoming’s most haunted road? If you’re looking to learn more about hauntings in Wyoming, read below. Oh, and if you’re brave enough to seek out spirits, you’ll want to pay particular attention to the tour offered in Laramie.

 5 Creepy Facts About Wyoming

  1. Yellowstone National Park is one of the country’s deadliest destinations. Over the years, dozens of people have been boiled alive after falling into, or in some cases jumping into, the park’s incredibly hot and acidic thermal features.
  2. Despite ample warnings about bears and plenty of resident grizzlies, the most dangerous part of a visit to Yellowstone may be the bison. More people are hurt every single year by fuzzy mountain cows than by the enormous and violent bears. Keep your distance!
  3. The town of Kirwin, Wyoming, was abandoned after an avalanche killed several of the town’s miners. Prior to the tragedy, it was considered a vacation town, and Amelia Earhart had begun building a getaway cabin. Today, the town is one of the most haunted in the state.
  4. Heart Mountain Relocation Center, an internment camp for Japanese-Americans and immigrants during World War II, was the site of unspeakable horrors and war crimes. Today, it remains standing as an interpretive center, and many curators believe it is haunted.
  5. One of the most fascinating – and disgusting – odd Wyoming tales of all time occurred when physician John Osborne took the body of a hanged criminal, Big Nose George Parrott, and made shoes from his skin. Later, when Osborne was elected as Wyoming’s governor, he wore the shoes to his inauguration.