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The Definitive Guide To All Things Haunted And Creepy In North Carolina

If you love all things paranormal and creepy, then you’re in luck in the state of North Carolina where the history of the area runs long and the ghosts are stacked up deep in all the right places. Would you spend the night in a haunted hotel in North Carolina? How about a haunted mansion, or would you even visit a haunted museum? You’ll find it all right here in North Carolina. Additionally, ghost tales abound in this state where pirates once trashed coastal towns while pilfering the treasures of the locals. Some of the pirates, reportedly, still linger along the coast. Will you meet one? That remains to be seen. We’ve also had more than our fair share of serial killers here, and their victims still send out a silent scream heard by no humans, yet it lingers in the atmosphere. To that end, some mass murders have taken place here, too. For sure, North Carolina is home to a number of ways to encounter paranormal happenings. Brace yourself for the creepy, haunted, paranormal, and yes, bizarre side of the Tar Heel State!

The Most Haunted House In North Carolina

The most open-to-the-public haunted house in North Carolina is found in a city park in Raleigh. Mordecai House, found within Mordecai City Park, once stood at the heart of a huge plantation. During the Civil War, soldiers on both sides of the battle died on the property and while their souls may still haunt the place, it’s the (ghost of the) daughter of the plantation’s owner that demands the most attention from guests. Guests and workers alike report seeing her dressed in period attire sitting at the piano, playing away. Henry Lane was the plantation’s owner during the Civil War and the piano player is not the only Lane daughter who refuses to leave the property. Three daughters are thought to still reside within the house. Mordecai House is open to the public for guided tours. They begin at the top of the hour between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. Do you have what it takes to tour the most haunted house in North Carolina?

The Most Haunted Road In North Carolina (And Maybe America)

The most haunted road in North Carolina (and maybe America) is Edwards Road known to some as Payne Road. From legendary tales of a plantation owner who revolted against his own slaves, killing them and then burning the plantation afterward to the slow, burning death of a young man driving on this road late at night, Edwards/Payne Road offers up good reasons to find another route to drive, unless you thrive on feeling a creepy vibe. In terms of haunted places in North Carolina, this road fits the bill. Would you drive this road late at night – all alone?

The 3 Most Haunted Places In North Carolina

  1. Devil’s Tramping Ground

An empty circle in a small clearing is devoid of anything, save the remains of a scorching fire. And apparently anything placed inside the circle before nightfall is mysteriously moved outside the circle by morning. Anyone who’s familiar with the Devil’s Tramping Ground knows and probably believes the folklore surrounding this creepy place in North Carolina. Word has it that this is the spot where the Devil surfaces at night to go prowling around earth. Some say it’s the place where he comes to dance. But one thing for certain is this scorched spot in the middle of a clearing is not a place you want to be after nightfall (or even during the daytime). Dogs are very instinctive and they almost always bark uncontrollably at the mysterious circle. Is this a haunted place in North Carolina that you really want to explore?

2. Gravity Hill – Richfield
The mystery of Gravity Hill lingers on Richfield Road near Richfield. It’s here that objects seem to defy the laws of gravity, or maybe it’s just a curse placed on this section of the highway. Objects appear to roll uphill, including entire vehicles with their engines in neutral. Once you visit Gravity Hill and see the phenomenon for yourself you may be asking: is it a paranormal force or just an optical illusion? And, is this road possibly the most haunted road in North Carolina? Will you be able to resist putting the supernatural haunted powers of this road to the test?

3. Grove Park Inn – Asheville
One of North Carolina’s most famous ghosts resides at the Grove Park Inn. She’s known as The Pink Lady because her apparition appears to be wearing pink. The Pink Lady fell from the fifth floor balcony of room 545. Legend says The Pink Lady was the mistress of the man of the house. When she announced she was pregnant, he allegedly pushed her off the balcony. Today, The Pink Lady appears in both full apparition as well as in pink hues of mist. Guests have reported seeing her outside of room 545 as well as in the lobby. She’s also been seen by children staying at the inn that aren’t feeling well. The Pink Lady apparently likes to sit by their bedside and provide comfort to them. The Grove Park Inn is known for many things, but did you know it has a resident ghost, too?

North Carolina’s Freakiest Haunted Prison

The freakiest haunted prison in North Carolina is found at the Old Wilkes County Jail in Wilksboro. Now part of the Wilkes Heritage Museum, the jail is open for tours. Paranormal investigators have captured EVP recordings here that will make your hair stand on end. On top of that, chains (that aren’t there) are heard rattling, visitors have heard voices and grumbling, and items are routinely moved from where they were left or are supposed to be. Would you spend the night in this haunted prison in North Carolina? Even if it were an option (it isn’t), we think not!

Five Creepy Facts About North Carolina

  1. North Carolina is home to the moon-eyed-people. First identified by the Cherokee Indians, the moon-eyed-people were said to be of particularly light skin color and it was widely known that the sunlight hurt their eyes. Thus, the Cherokee named them the ‘moon-eyed-people.’ This group of individuals was said to be nocturnal and to live in underground caves in North Carolina. They are attributed with building massive stone walls on hillsides in the Southern Appalachian Mountains.
  2. Normie, Lake Norman’s version of the Loch Ness Monster, was last spotted in Lake Norman in 2015 as it was eating a small creature. Normie resembles drawings of the Loch Ness Monster, only he’s much smaller, clocking in at around 10 feet.
  3. Helen’s Bridge near Asheville was the site where a young woman hanged herself. Today, if you visit and say her name (Helen), then when you go to leave your car won’t start. Some report car issues weeks after visiting. Would you want to test the paranormal spirits at this location and risk your car breaking down?
  4. The peak at Roan Mountain is said to be where the angels go to sing. For centuries, visitors at the peak have reported hearing sounds, although some can’t agree on whether they sound heavenly or demonic.
  5. The Brown Mountain Lights that shine on Brown Mountain have been attributed to any and all of the following: aliens, the grieving maidens of fallen Cherokee warriors, car headlights, and nitrous vapors carried by the wind. But the only thing for certain is that no one one knows for sure what makes the lights appear on Brown Mountain. They just do.


3 Creepy Photos From North Carolina

Scariest Haunted House In North Carolina

Summon all of your courage come the Halloween season just so you can enter the most notoriously scary haunted house in North Carolina: the Haunted Forest at Panic Point. Found in Youngesville outside of Raleigh, this menacing scare house is so upending to those who visit that the operators will not allow anyone to enter without first signing a waiver. It’s just that scary. In addition to the traditional haunted house, there’s a pitch-dark forest trail to safely navigate, too. Good luck making it all the way through this scare house without screaming as loud as you can at least a few times! Do you love super scary haunted houses in North Carolina?

The Best Haunted Corn Maze In North Carolina

Head to Shelby, North Carolina each October to enter the scariest haunted corn maze in North Carolina. When the Shelby Corn Maze goes dark at nightfall each Friday in October, things get a little creepy. Test your courage level by taking on the challenge of getting all the way through the maze under duress. What fun! Do you love Halloween? You’re sure to enjoy the heck out of this haunted corn maze in North Carolina!

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