The Story Behind This Mysterious Creature In Arkansas Is Both Bizarre And Fascinating

Arkansas has quite a few unique urban legends but The Gowrow creature may be the most bizarre. The Gowrow is believed to be a 20′ long monster with tusks and claws, however, that’s not even the most interesting part of the tale. On January 31, 1897, a newspaper published a story that would illustrate this odd monster and preserve the folklore for over 125 years!

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Perhaps Arkansas most well-known folklore creature is the infamous Fouke Monster.

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December 17, 2022

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What are some other urban legends in Arkansas?

Arkansas is a very interesting state, and you will find numerous urban legends there. Whether you consider them to be weird, disturbing, or fascinating, they each possess their own unique tales. There’s the Desha County Courthouse Menace where the courthouse clock has not worked properly since a sentence of death by hanging was carried out there; the spirits of a number of local historic luminaries and prominent Arkansans roaming the Mount Holly Cemetery on a regular basis; and the unexplained shadows on walls of the MacArthur Museum of Military History, just to name a few.