These 13 Places In South Carolina Are Best Prepared For Doomsday

For the last few days we’ve been on a holiday roll. By that, I mean we’ve been posting uplifting images and stories about the holidays. We have to admit, it’s hard to segue into another topic when that one makes everyone feel so darn good.

Personally, I’ve never been one to pussyfoot around. If the water is cold I’ll not only jump in, I’ll go in head-first. And so it goes with switching from this great holiday run we’ve been on to writing about doomsday. Buckle up and get out your pen and paper in case you want to take some notes about the cities and towns in South Carolina that are best prepared for doomsday.

Did you realize we were so prepared here in the Palmetto State for doomsday? Can you think of any other “safe” places in South Carolina in the event the apocalypse actually arrives one day?