This Creepy Day Trip Through The Spookiest Places In South Carolina Is Perfect For Fall

With the return of the fall season each year, there also arrives the fun of pulling out Halloween decorations, planning parties, trick or treat activities, visits to pumpkin patches, partaking in pumpkin spice treats galore, and the list goes on and on. But let’s not forget seeking out a few locales in the state that have some true hair-raising potential.

There are many haunts that most South Carolinians have already heard of so we dug deep and tried to find a few that aren’t quite so mainstream – and then we compiled a road trip (a short one) that you can get through in one single day or evening.

Ever been to any of these spots capable of evoking an uneasy feeling deep down in your gut? What are you waiting for? It’s only a few more weekends until Halloween is over. But you should know this road trip will work any time of year, not just in the fall season, right?

For more seasonal fun here in South Carolina, check out the legend (or is it just lore?) of the Ghost Dog that chases people along a five-mile stretch of road. And if that doesn’t make you run for the hills, then get ready for the interesting tale of South Carolina’s Boo Hags.

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