These 9 Urban Legends Of South Carolina Are Strange, Disturbing, And Terrifying

We know what we like to hear about our state, about the place we dwell, the place we let our children call home, however, nothing is all sunshine and rainbows. There is an underbelly to everything. A place where the darkness lives; a place where the sunshine never reaches. This is the place that births the strange, unusual, and sometimes…sometimes the most terrifying stories you will ever hear or the ones you never want to hear. These are the stories that become urban legends; the ones we tell each other around campfires and the ones children tell other children in their rooms on sleepovers using flashlights. Are they real? I’m sure that everything is based on some fact whether it is a huge vein of truth or a sliver of breath. It is up to you to decide in the end. What do you believe?

Urban legends can be fun to tell especially around a campfire while roasting marshmallows or inside with the lights down low. But, the question remains: How much of it is true and how much of it is the imagination of a scared individual? We may never know.