An Overnight Ghost Hunt At This Notoriously Haunted South Carolina Inn Is The Creepiest Thing You’ll Ever Do

Exploring the sheer number of places in South Carolina that are said to be haunted could keep a paranormal enthusiast busy for a very long time. From haunted bridges to cemeteries, parks, various buildings, and more, the Palmetto State is filled with places that are capable of sending you running for the hills if you don’t have the resolve to deal with unexplained phenomenon. However, some people actually love exploring the unexplained and are curious about visits from disembodied people and creatures.

Only a few spots are available for this event. Once the Inn is filled, no more reservations will be accepted. The cost is $299.00 per room with a maximum occupancy of two persons; this translates to $299.00 per couple as well. Learn more and reserve your spot at this link from Afterlife Paranormal.

The Inn At Merridun is located at 100 Merridun Pl., Union, SC 29379. It’s open year-round. Learn more about the inn at this link on the official website.