Fort Fremont, at Lands End on St. Helena Island in South Carolina, is one of those under-publicized places that is a hidden gem for a multitude of reasons. First and foremost, it’s open to the public and access is absolutely free – for now. Secondly, it was never updated so what you see of the remains is what they built, and it’s right on the water. And finally, it has a history that is emblazoned with stories, haunts and legends even many of the locals will attest to be pure fact. There’s so much to discover at these haunted ruins in South Carolina.

The entrance to Fort Fremont is located at 1126 State Road S-7-45 off Lands End Road on Saint Helena Island in Beaufort County, SC. In 2004 Beaufort County, South Carolina paid two private landowners a total of four million dollars for the present day 15-acre site on which Fort Fremont Park sits. It is now protected as a historic site and public park. More information.

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What are the most historic places in South Carolina?

There are so many fascinating historic places in South Carolina. St. Philips Church in downtown Charleston is one of the most visually stunning. As the oldest congregation in the state, it has seen its fair share of history. The original wooden church was constructed in 1680, but it fell into disrepair decades later. In 1836, a stucco building was erected in its place, and it’s stood proud ever since. The Beacon Drive-In is another nostalgic attraction in South Carolina. Journey to Spartanburg and get a taste of the past. If you want to learn about more the historic places in South Carolina, read our article here.

Are there any hiking trails that lead to old ruins in South Carolina?

There are several trails that lead to old ruins in South Carolina. Head to Greenville and explore Paris Mountain State Park. Here, you’ll find a trail that leads to an old fire tower residence. This fascinating hike is perfect for the entire family. Bring the young ones along and show them a bit of South Carolina’s unique past! There’s another incredible hike tucked inside Landsford Canal State Park that leads to the ruins of a defunct canal. This trail is 1.25 miles one-way, so it’s the perfect length for a relaxing afternoon stroll. To learn more about South Carolina’s historic hiking trails, read our article here.

What are the most haunted places in South Carolina?

The South Carolina Lunatic Asylum is one of the most haunted places in South Carolina. This creepy structure was built between 1822 and 1827, and rumor has it that its former residents still linger from beyond the grave. Are you brave enough to investigate its paranormal activity? Cypress Garden Ruins, located in Monck's Corner, is another spooky spot. These structures are actually left over set pieces from the movie The Patriot. Even though these aren’t exactly historic, people still claim to have bone-chilling experiences here. To learn more about South Carolina’s most haunted places, read our article here.

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