This Ghost Hunt In A Former South Carolina Jail Isn’t For The Faint Of Heart

Ghost sightings are in no short order in the Palmetto State. And whether you believe in ghosts or not, spending time in the most notoriously haunted building in the state – after midnight – will likely make your hair stand on end, at the least. The Old City Jail in Charleston was in use for 137 years and held the likes of Lavinia Fisher (commonly known as the first female serial killer in the U.S.) and others. What’s more: many people didn’t leave the old jail alive.

The crew from the Travel Channel’s “Ghost Adventures” spent the night here coaxing Lavinia Fisher’s spirit to engage with them. During the filming, they caught her disembodied voice on tape saying she was meeting “the devil.”

The Old City Jail is located at 21 Magazine St., Charleston, SC 29401. All tours are conducted by Bulldog Tours. Advance reservations are required. Tours begin at midnight and you can choose to book the two hour or four hour paranormal investigation. The prices are $50/two hours and $100/four hours. For more information, see the official website of Bulldog Tours.

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