These 10 Haunted Hotels In South Carolina Will Make Your Stay A Nightmare

Are you looking for a little excitement on your vacations? You know, the kind that is more than a fancy place to dine or beautiful sights to see? Are you just a tad interested in the what goes bump in the night? Than these South Carolina hotels and bed and breakfasts may just be for you! Everyone knows that South Carolina is rich in history. The history of our state starts when Lucas Vasquez de Ayllon settled here with 600 people in 1526 so, there is really no surprise that there are restless spirits roaming about here and there. If you would would be interested in a frightening experience, here is a list of hotels and bed and breakfasts that may fit your bill and make your stay unforgettable.

Remember, ghost hunting can be a fun and interesting activity, but please be respectful of others and their property. These owners graciously open their places for you, let’s be gracious in return. Now, are you ready for that kind of fun? It’s hot outside and I bet it is cool where these spirits dwell. Let’s go have some fun!