You can freely hike through the ruins of a hauntingly beautiful fort in South Carolina on Saint Helena Island. In spite of the fact that this fort saw no wartime action, it remains one of the most haunted trails in the state. We suggest that whatever you do, do not come alone to take what may be the creepiest hike in South Carolina! Curious about haunted hiking trails? This hike to ruins in South Carolina is perfect.

This brief documentary about the Fort can offer a little more information about its history:

Have you ever taken the creepiest hike in South Carolina here at the ruins of Fort Fremont? Ever had a paranormal encounter here? We’d love to hear all about it in the comments! Do you know of any other haunted hiking trails in SC? Let us know.

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Haunted Hiking Trails In South Carolina

  1. Are there any fun, spooky haunted hikes in South Carolina? 

South Carolina is one of those states with a long, sometimes spooky history, and as a result, there are plenty of creepy places all over the state – many of which you can hike to! Some of our favorite creepy hikes in South Carolina are hikes like:  

  • The Baynard Plantation Hike is creepy as all get-out and leads right through an allegedly haunted old plantation.  
  • The abandoned Fort Freemont Preserve is an amazing hike through an old fort used in the Spanish-American war.  
  • The Lawrence Cemetery Trail is ... well, exactly what it sounds like. Creepy – and surrounded by the dead.  


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  1. Which hiking trails in South Carolina should I add to my bucket list? 

Of course, not every hike in South Carolina is a creepy one. There are also plenty of bucket list hikes in SC thanks to just how stunningly beautiful this state is. Some of the most outrageously scenic hikes in SC you should add to your bucket list are:  

  • The hike to Riley Moore Falls is 1.9 miles round trip and leads to one of the most breathtaking waterfalls in SC.  
  • The hike to Issaqueena Falls is also incredible, and at just 0.3 miles long, this one’s perfect for a quick trip to the outdoors.  
  • The Wildcat Wayside Trail is amazing and a fan favorite for many reasons – not just the waterfalls!  


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  1. What are some of the best trails in SC? 

Naturally, the list doesn’t end with all the trails listed above. Nope – there are thousands more! Some other notable hiking trails in SC include ones such as:  

  • The Sandhills Hiking Trail at Sesquicentennial State Park is an easy 1.9-mile loop around a crystal-clear lake.  
  • Any and all of the trails at Congaree National Park are 100 percent worth a trip.  
  • Huntington Beach State Park is wonderful for anyone who enjoys beachfront hiking.  


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