The Legend Of Kentucky’s Blue People Is Truly Bizarre

People come in all types of colors and shades of colors, but they are normally red, brown, yellows, browns, pinks, black, and white. Usually, when we think blue people in Kentucky, the first thing that comes to mind is University of Kentucky Wildcat fans… as they are known to dress in and paint their faces blue to show team spirit. Others might think of the Blue Man Group or even the Smurfs. That is not always the case, though… especially around Troublesome and Ball Creek in Kentucky. Have you heard the legend of the Kentucky blue people?

It all started back in 1820. A French-born orphan by the name of Martin Fugate built a home in Hazard, Kentucky. The area was a lot more rural than it is today, and only so many families settled in the general area. He married another local named Elizabeth Smith.

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Some Fugate descendants may still carry the methemoglobinemia gene. There may still be blue people in the Troublesome and Ball Creek areas, but if so, they keep to themselves.

Whether you believe this story of the legend of the blue people of Kentucky or not, it truly is fascinating. The family has been a source of curiosity over the decades and has been featured on several different television series, such as Travel Channel and ABC specials. In reality, the blue people in Kentucky are just normal people who happen to have a unique color.

If you are interested in more oddities or weird places in Kentucky, we have covered some unique history, theories, and facts over the years.

Address: Troublesome Creek, Kentucky, USA
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legend of the Kentucky blue people

January 18, 2020

Does Kentucky have any other urban legends?

There are several creepy urban legends in Kentucky. One of the most famous is that of the Hillbilly Beast. According to lore, this creature is a giant smelly character that looks a lot like Big Foot. In addition to this tale, tons of creepy tales swirl round Sleepy Hollow Road. Some say a hearse often appears to throw drivers off the road. Other tales claim that the nearby Crybaby bridge is riddled with paranormal activity. According to legend, women used to throw their unwanted babies off the bridge. People say you can hear the sounds of wailing babies even to this day. To learn more about the scariest urban legends in Kentucky, read our article here.

What are the weirdest places in Kentucky?

There are so many fun and weird places in Kentucky. Have you ever wanted to see the world’s largest sausage? Well, you can do that right here in Kentucky! Take a drive down to 1848 Buck Creek Road in Simpsonville and feast your eyes on this quirky “mock” sausage. The Monroe Moosnick Medical and Science Museum is another odd attraction in Kentucky. Stare at over 200 cadaver molds and marvel at intriguing 19th-century medical equipment. This museum will really make you appreciate modern medicine!

What is the scariest Kentucky ghost story?

The scariest Kentucky ghost story dates back to the 1950s. A young couple was driving home from a dance. As they sped down Mitchell Hill Road, their car slid and caused a violent crash. The pair perished on the spot. They were soon buried at the nearby cemetery on top of the hill. To this day, people report seeing ghostly visions of a young couple wearing 1950s clothing. Perhaps they are aimlessly meandering through town trying to reclaim what they lost. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, you can’t deny that this is one of the most fascinating stories in Kentucky.

Address: Troublesome Creek, Kentucky, USA