This One Creepy Ghost Town In Kentucky Is The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of

Ghost towns in Kentucky are something you don’t often hear much talk about. The stories that are told tend to be woven around abandoned coal towns such as Blandville, Dryfork, or Indian soldier towns such as Scuttletown. These specks in history have either evolved into museums, Inns or, sadly, ceased to be remembered.

Among these crumbling wood or brick and mortar memories, one ghost town in Kentucky stands out. Not just because it has a sad story, as they all have that. Instead, because all that remains is the occasional crumbled memorial, chunks of concrete disintegrated to gravel, the ancient cemetery and a name… Paradise.

What remains of Paradise today that qualifies it as a creepy ghost town in Kentucky? Sadly, only a small cemetery still stands atop the hill, not far from the plant that was the beginning of the end.

The real tragedy here is the loss of such a special place in the Bluegrass State, and how it met its end. I cannot say for sure if Paradise was the paradise John Prine sang of, but he sure did make it sound convincing. Since Kentucky is known for its beauty, I’d imagine he sang the truth. What do you know about Paradise?