Most People Have No Idea This Unique Tunnel In Kentucky Exists

There are a few abandoned tunnels in Kentucky, but none have quite the reputation of the notorious Waverly Hills Death Tunnel on 4400 Paralee Lane in Louisville. Some have called this long concrete structure the Death Shute over the years. What makes this tunnel in Kentucky stand out from the others? It has a somewhat mysterious and sinister past…

Here are 10 things that make the death tunnel in Kentucky unique:

4. What happened to the bodies?

The patients that passed on at Waverly were left at the end of the tunnel. It was their workers would be detached to gather the bodies of the dead and either burn, bury, or transport them elsewhere. Nothing that went down the death tunnel ever came back up. This is a beautiful collage of many faces that eventually traveled down the death tunnel.

3. Why a tunnel? A tunnel was used for two reasons.

The first was to protect the moral of other patients. They would not be subjected to seeing dead patients taken away for burial/burning. The second purpose was to protect those who had to transport the dead to the pickup spot to be laid to rest.

2. There was even a movie written and produced at Waverly.

To be honest, it is very much a “B” flick… at best. They focused less on the tunnel and more on a college kid storyline, highlighted with a little bit of history.

1. Death tunnel saw thousands of dead.

It has been estimated that the death tunnel actually saw more dead people than most modern hospitals do in its first 3 years. Fewer than 5% of patients initially survived. The official estimates were admitted at more than 60,000 individuals died from TB or some of the questionable treatments utilized as attempted cures for the ailment.

The Waverly Hills Sanatorium death tunnel in Kentucky has an interesting history. I’ve been there a few times and it certainly has a creepy feel in spots. The history of the hospital is quite renowned, and you can read more about it here. The bottom line is the death tunnel is a must stop if you happen to be a haunted places enthusiast. Mind you, I’m not confirming or denying Waverly is haunted, but it has been featured on quite a few documentaries and television shows over the years.