Kasey Cemetery Is One Of Kentucky’s Spookiest Cemeteries

There are many historic places throughout Kentucky that are largely regarded as haunted. Whether or not you believe in these Kentucky ghost stories, most would admit that it makes sense for these centuries-old places to have a spooky atmosphere. Cemeteries, especially, have always been the source of creepy tales, and a particular one near Elizabethtown is about as scary as it gets. Kasey Cemetery, which is also known as Grandview Cemetery and even the Gates of Hell, is a spooky cemetery in Kentucky that comes with plenty of stories, some of which are downright bone-chilling.

Kasey Cemetery in Kentucky, or the Gates of Hell as some call it, seems to be a place of unrest and the source of countless ghost stories. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, you have to admit this is one of the spookiest places in Kentucky. Have you heard of this historic cemetery? Share your thoughts with us in the comments and let us know of any other haunted places in Kentucky we should investigate!

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Address: Old Hardinsburg Road, McDaniels, KY 42724

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