An Abandoned Mine Cave In Kentucky, Mullin’s Station Is Hauntingly Beautiful

You can live in a small town in Kentucky your entire life and still not know all of its secrets and fascinating history. While many locals around the Mt. Vernon area are aware of this abandoned mine cave in Kentucky, there are still plenty who have yet to discover the Mullins Station Cave. This historic spot feels straight out of a movie set and yet it’s right here, hidden in the hills of the Bluegrass State.

Take a closer look at this abandoned mine cave in Kentucky with this fascinating video by Youtuber Pluto’s Forest:

Some locals have known about this historic spot for decades and yet more Kentuckians seem to be discovering it as photos of the cave emerge. Trains chug past it daily, while this abandoned mine cave in Kentucky remains hauntingly beautiful as a mysterious place in the Bluegrass. Did you know about Mullins Station Cave? Are you from the area? We’d love to hear what you know about it in the comments.

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