What Lies Beneath The Streets Of This Kentucky City Is Creepy Yet Amazing

There are abandoned mines all across the state, with many literally forgotten over the decades. Some old mines get a fresh start, though it doesn’t happen often. A perfect example is the old limestone mine that lies beneath the streets of this Kentucky city. A few years back it was just a cool, yet creepy abandoned space, but has evolved into something amazing over the years.

What has this Megacavern evolved into over the years?

It is now used for business and fun, containing storage centers and businesses. It offers an abundance of activities for the family, including zip lining over enormous, seemingly bottomless spaces. There is also an amazing indoor dirt bike arena that draws a lot of local bike riders, especially when the weather is not ideal outdoors.

Louisville may not be your favorite spot, but this Kentucky city harbors an interesting safe haven and hub of activity. The Megacavern is not like anywhere else you can visit in the state. It is also a unique way to modify and reuse an old mine efficiently. What is your favored creepy cool spot that lurks beneath a Kentucky city?