The Abandoned Boone Tunnel Once Led Automobiles Across The Kentucky River

The history of Kentucky can often be told through what’s been left behind from our past. There are remnants of centuries of lives lived here and over time, more and more manmade structures are abandoned, left standing as a reminder of how things once were. Located in Jessamine County, Boone Tunnel is an abandoned tunnel in Kentucky that was once used by modes of transportation to cross the Kentucky River. The history of this area is fascinating and the tunnel still stands, as well as other pieces of how things once were in this area of Kentucky.

Hear the entire story behind this abandoned tunnel in Kentucky, as well as our very own Brooklyn Bridge in this informative video by History In Your Own Backyard:

Boone Tunnel is one of many remnants from our state’s past. This abandoned tunnel in Kentucky once led across the river and it’s fascinating to imagine all of the people who passed through and how it now stands empty. Have you seen Boone Tunnel in person? What’s your favorite abandoned place in Kentucky? Let us know in the comments.

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Address: Boone Tunnel, 9859 Harrodsburg Rd, Wilmore, KY 40390, USA