Kentucky’s 5 Spookiest Old Asylums Still Standing Today

Just the very word asylum can send a shiver down your spine. In particular, if you happen to know anything about the history of these mental institutions in Kentucky, and across the US. The old mental “sanctuaries” were places of experimental treatments, and in some cases, torture. Our mentally challenged ancestors went through more at the hands of western medicine men then most people go through in a lifetime. Doctors once used barbaric prosthetics or splints to treat crippling diseases, but the methods used to treat mental disorders were worse. Originally, mental patients/victims dealt with shock treatments, Mesmerism, hot and cold treatments, and even drilling into the skull (such as a Lobotomy or Trephining).

Here are the 5 creepiest original asylums in the Bluegrass State where patients were subjected to terrible medieval practices:

Kentucky asylums, like most the country’s sanitariums, were historically unsure exactly how to treat the mentally challenged or handicapped. The country did not improve standards and practices in these institutions until the 1950s, and even then they were still far from perfect. Each of these facilities seems to echo with the ghosts of patients past, and some say unhappy spirits still reside on the properties. If you have a story about one of these asylums, please feel free to tell us in the comments below.