One Of The Most Haunted Cemeteries In The World Is Right Here In Illinois

Just outside of Chicago within the city suburbs lies a spooky cemetery with numerous reports of paranormal activity. The notorious Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery is known worldwide as being the most haunted cemetery in IL, and it has become a big draw for seekers of the paranormal and supernatural over the years.

Have you been to Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery before? If so, did you experience anything paranormal? Please tell us about your experience at Illinois’ most haunted cemetery in the comments. To learn more about this haunted graveyard in IL, and to view the map of paranormal locations, visit the website. You can also like the Facebook page where you can find photos and videos of the cemetery.

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Address: Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, 5900 W Midlothian Turnpike, Midlothian, IL 60445, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Haunted and Creepy Places in Illinois

September 01, 2022

Where can I visit a haunted graveyard in Illinois?

Bachelor's Grove Cemetery is not the only haunted graveyard in Illinois. You can visit another at Graceland Cemetery in Chicago, and it is one of the spookiest places you will ever go. Located in the Lakeview neighborhood, this cemetery houses some of the most famous graves in the state, from athletes to authors to noteworthy political figures. The grounds are undeniably beautiful - but hauntingly so. As with many graveyards, Graceland Cemetery has its fair share of ghost stories. Perhaps the most well-known paranormal encounters are with spectral dogs said to have belonged to the interred. Whether or not you experience any unexplained phenomena, this spooky spot belongs on your bucket list.

Are there any haunted hotels in Illinois?

Have you ever wanted to stay in a haunted hotel? If so, look no further than The DeSoto House Hotel in Galena. One of the most haunted hotels in Illinois, this famous — and notorious — landmark is home to several unseen residents who have yet to check out. The DeSoto House is the oldest operating hotel in the state and places with such rich histories have often seen plenty of tragedy, as well. Indeed, the building caught fire in 1859, and a decade later, a steam boiler in the basement spontaneously combusted. There is also the famous "Lady in Black," an apparition whose identity is unknown, but her presence has been confirmed by employees and guests alike.

Are there any haunted restaurants or bars in Illinois?

Did you know you can dine with ghosts in Illinois? A haunted restaurant in IL, The Road House in Oregon dates to 1919, and the building that houses it was built a century earlier! Both a museum and restaurant, this small town eatery was the site of a gruesome murder. A young woman named Mary Jane Reed, believed to have been a mere teenager at the time of her death, was killed in the restaurant where she enjoyed eating on a regular basis. Her murder remains unsolved, with no clear motive ever established, and her restless spirit is said to haunt the building in search of closure.