Once Abandoned And Left To Decay, The Edgewater Medical Center In Illinois Has Been Restored To Its Former Glory

When an old chair is past its prime, it can be tossed in the trash, donated, or repainted and restored to new life. With such a small object, there are options. But what about a historic building the size of a city block that’s no longer in use? It could be demolished, or, with some luck, repurposed and transformed into a new era. Take, for example, this once-abandoned building in Chicago, Illinois that went from decay to decor.

Would you live inside this once-abandoned building in Chicago, Illinois? Did you ever have a chance to see it as the former Edgewater Hospital? Tell us in the comments! Take a virtual tour of the apartments today — and while we’re on the subject, check out this list of 10 other incredibly cool abandoned places in Illinois!

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Address: Anderson Point, 5700 N Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL 60660, USA