Some places are known for their history and some historical places are known for being haunted. Many have wondered, is Joliet Prison Haunted? The Old Joliet Prison is an abandoned prison with a notorious history and residents who never seemed to have left long after they were gone. Considered one of the most haunted places in the world, the Old Joliet Prison is a spooky, haunted abandoned prison in Illinois.

Have you ever been to this haunted abandoned prison in Illinois? Have you ever wondered, “is Joliet Prison haunted”? What are some of your favorite abandoned or haunted places around the state? Let us know in the comments and feel free to join our Abandoned States of America Facebook group.

If you would like to visit several haunted places in one trip, visit Alton, one of the most haunted places in Illinois.

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The Creepiest Places in Illinois

What are the most haunted places in Illinois?

The most haunted places in Illinois include:

  • McPike Mansion. This mansion is on the National Register of Historic Places and is said to be haunted by former residents.
  • Woodstock Opera House. Reports say that the ghost of an actress who committed suicide after being turned down for a role sits in seats and drops props.
  • Dug Hill Road. People report seeing a dead body but when they try to move it, their hand goes right through. 
  • The Old Slave House. This place is said to be haunted by slaves who were kept here illegally in a free state.

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What are the creepiest places in Illinois?

The creepiest places in Illinois include:

  • Showmen’s Rest. This is a grave with a carved stone elephant where members of a circus who were killed in a freak train accident are buried.
  • The Alley of Death. Couch Place is an alley in Chicago where people jumped to their death to escape a 1903 fire at the old Iroquois Theatre.
  • Bloods Point Road. It is said that a woman named Beulah hung her children and herself from a bridge on this road.
  • Ashmore Estates. This was an asylum from 1959 until 1987 and people report hearing voices and feeling chills among other sensations here.

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What are the most abandoned places in Illinois?

The most abandoned places in Illinois include:

  • Old Shawneetown. While almost 300 people still live here, the vast majority of buildings are abandoned due to a severe flood in 1937.
  • Iron Furnace. Located in the Shawnee Forest, this was once an iron smelting furnace that ran from 1939 to 1883.
  • Damen Silos. These old silos were built in 1906 and were abandoned in 1977. It has secret tunnels that locals like to (illegally) explore.
  • Savanna Army Depot. This building was a military storehouse for the Rock Island Arsenal and is now mostly a nature preserve.

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