Located in rural Kankakee County, Manteno State Hospital opened in 1930. It was a psychiatric hospital, most densely populated in the mid-1950s.

Many disturbing things took place here, as you can imagine would be the case at a mental hospital during this time period. For example, there were numerous lobotomies performed, shock treatments, fever cabinets, etc. Manteno State Hospital was also where many government scientists were sent. While here they would perform experiments on patients that would be considered highly unethical today. It would not have been pleasant to be a patient here. Fortunately, over the years, mental health treatment has changed drastically. However, with that being said, this was the cutting edge during this particular time period.

Interestingly, things started out fairly idyllic at Manteno State Hospital. Patients would tend to fields, as the hospital was set out in a bucolic setting. There were plenty of dedicated doctors and other nursing staff. Then, “Manteno Madness” took hold (typhoid fever), which ended up killing 47 people. Then there was a snowball effect. The hospital became incredibly crowded, and corners were eventually cut.

Manteno State Hospital’s doors closed in 1985. Yet, many people consider this hospital to be one of the most haunted sites in all of Illinois. There have been claims of ghosts walking the hallway, strange auras, and bizarre sounds. Listed below are some creepy images of the Manteno hospital. Some of them might even give you goosebumps.

Listed below is a video with additional images that will give you a better sense of what this abandoned Illinois hospital was really like:

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Is there a haunted bridge in Illinois with an eerie past?

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